Hired A Limo? Passenger Tips For You

Riding a limousine can give you a truly memorable experience, not to mention the luxurious feeling of being chauffeured from one place to another. However, you have to remember that although you are paying for this fine ride to take you to a wedding, date, party or prom, essential etiquette still applies. The following are some limo service etiquette rules to keep in mind, which can help you, your friends and your driver to have an excellent experience throughout the ride.

Avoid anything illegal

Even if you are on the back seat of the limousine, you still need to abide by the government laws applicable in your country such as drug use, underage smoking and drinking. Moreover, you should never stand through the limo’s sunroof as this could lead to accidents and injuries. Aside from putting your limousine driver in an awkward and difficult situation, these actions can jeopardize your life and lead to legal problems. Always remember that although you have paid for this rental service, several companies may terminate the ride any time they wish to due to the customer’s inability to comply with the policies. This will not only impact your schedule and criminal records, but you cannot even get a refund once your ride has been terminated.

Respect your driver

The limousine driver does his best to provide you with the finest service possible, and it is only fair that you treat him with respect. Talk to your driver in a professional way, and never place him in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. It is also worth noting that the vehicle’s privacy window may be rolled down or up depending on the driver’s discretion. This means, you should ask permission first if you wish to have the window rolled down – and do not be pushy or commanding to the driver.

Always be aware of any safety rules in your contract

There is a specific limit to the number of passengers for each type of vehicle, including limousines. Before renting a limousine, you should be aware of the passenger capacity of the vehicle, so you could select the right one for your needs. By complying with the policy on passenger limits, you can be sure that every passenger feels comfortable during the ride. It may also be better if you hire a limousine with a greater passenger capacity than the actual number of people riding in to ensure your overall experience.

Don’t leave any of your belongings behind

You are responsible for your personal items, so never leave them inside the vehicle when you reach your destination. Keep in mind that the limo is not your private car, and the company will not be held liable for any items lost by the customer. To avoid any inconveniences, hold on to your personal items at all times.

Lastly, make it a point to tip your driver. It is your way of expressing your appreciation for the outstanding service provided, which has a huge impact on your comfortable and safe journey.

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Traits To Look For In Your Rental’s Chauffeur

When you’re looking to rent a car or a limousine for an event, it’s important to really scrutinize what you’re paying for. This isn’t just about the freebies you get, the type of car you choose, or the company you go with. When you’re done with all that, there’s one last thing you need to really inspect: your chauffeur.

Yes, you can actually choose the driver of your rental car or limo. Now that you know this, it is important that you choose your driver with as much care as you do with every other detail of your rental. The chauffeur is quite a large factor in making your event or celebration into a success.

Today, we list some attributes or traits to look for in your rental chauffeur.


This is one of the top traits to look for. If the chauffeur you’ve been assigned is as congenial as James Howlett in Logan, you’re bound to have an awkward time.

Your chauffeur needs to be affable, charming, and pleasant. Note that he or she doesn’t have to act like your long long best buddy–instead, they should be able to address any questions, concerns, or suggestions with finesse and friendliness.

Your chauffeur should at least go out of their way to make sure that you have all the amenities you need or have asked for. They should also work to make sure that you and your party are comfortable during the entire ride to and from your destination.


Regardless of the destination, weather, or terrain, your driver must be more than able to take you there. Just as you wouldn’t hire a toddler to work over your car’s engine, you certainly wouldn’t want someone who isn’t familiar with routes to do your driving for you.

Most drivers are equipped with GPS units, maps, and other resources to get you to your destination on time and with the most direct route. They should also be proactive in finding out the latest updates on traffic alerts, congestion or construction reports. That way they can adjust your route accordingly and efficiently.


When you hire someone to do a particular job, you’d at least expect them to be good at their field. Your assigned chauffeur should have the necessary skills to maneuver a limo of any size or type in an efficient and safe manner.

The rental company’s driver must be able to navigate streets and highways with ease. Try asking for the driving record of the chauffeur that you’re inspecting. A reputable company should be able to provide one for your perusal.


An excellent chauffeur should be accommodating to whatever the job can throw at him. This could mean unexpected weather shift, traffic woes, rude pedestrians and other drivers, and pretty much everything that would make the most of us experience road rage.

A professional driver understands that his priority is the safety of his passengers and will do what is needed in order to ensure their continued well-being. Also, if you happen to be a difficult passenger (we’re hoping you aren’t), a professional driver is gracious and accommodating enough to treat you with respect even if you probably aren’t acting like you deserve it at the moment.


When you’re paying for your rental car by the hour, it is expected that the driver should have impeccable punctuality. A good driver has the sense to be mindful of his or her time.

You can ask the company for any tardiness issues. If they’re a good company, tardiness is something that is never tolerated as it can give them a bad image.

Your chauffeur must update you on their status. Usually, if you’re going to be picked up, they’ll show up a little before the contract time starts.

Remember, a good chauffeur and company rep should be more than willing to answer your questions and put all agreements in writing, so there is no miscommunication or disappointment of any sort on the day of your big event.

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How to Book The Perfect Limo For Your Big Day

One of the biggest events where a mismatched limo service can do a lot of damage is your wedding. Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important and significant days that will ever occur in your life as a couple. The ideal is to have a smooth sailing and picture perfect wedding. However, if you happen to book a mismatched limo service or services, things can get pretty messy.

A lot of time and effort always goes into planning a wedding day. It is often an event that leaves quite a lasting impression upon guests and the celebrants as well. Every detail counts. The dress, the rings, the church, reception, the food and even the transportation is essential. When it comes to the transportation, the idea of riding a limo appeals to almost everyone.

When you decide on a limousine to take you and your guests to the venues of your wedding, you do not choose just any limo just because it is the only one available. Choosing the first-rate limousine is quite important as this will have a huge impact on the overall success of your wedding day. Besides, a limo is hard not to notice so that it will complement everything else on your day.

So when it comes down to choosing the perfect limo for your big day, there are several things that need to be considered. Let’s look at some of them:

Your limo choice needs to match the motif of the wedding

The limo you hire needs to have the style or make that fits in with the overall theme of your wedding. Considering the color and style of the limo can improve the special day so it is important that you choose the one that would enhance the overall style.

Limo companies offer a lot of style options that would best fit your event. If you are having a romantic, traditional wedding and a sophisticated reception after the wedding, then considering the Bentley might be a suiting choice. If you are having a bit more of fun and relaxed wedding party, maybe a cruise, or on a yacht, then the Hummer limo might be a great option.

If you’re doing a old world romantic type of wedding, having a modern car may not be the best choice to go for and will stick out like a sore thumb. So attention to detail really plays into this part of booking the perfect limo for your wedding.

If you’re providing transportation for your guests, consider the size capacity of the transport limo.

Some couples may want to ride the car alone while some may choose to share the experience with their guests. It is important to consider the available seating and size of the limo to accommodate all of the passengers making sure everybody will be able to ride safely and comfortably. After all, with everyone dressed so well for the event, a larger, more luxurious ride is imperative.

A popular trend is to hire a sedan for the bride and groom then a limo for the guests. That way, the newly wed bride and groom are afforded a bit of privacy on the way to the reception. It is important to note that a wedding day isn’t just about the comfort of the guests, they are ultimately about the two people who are exchanging vows and committing their lives to each other.

Consider the cost of the rental as a whole.

Limousines are luxurious cars, so the cost of the car rental can be a bit more costly than renting any other for your special day. The price of the rental depends on the class of limo, how long you need it as well as for what kind of event.

If the cost is a concern, request a list of vehicles within your budget that would still appeal to you and still fits the overall theme of your wedding. A lot of companies offer particular models that are friendly for your budget yet still extremely comfortable and stylish. After all, the most important thing is arriving for your wedding.

Scrutinize the service company.

When choosing the limo service company to entrust your lives with, considering the type of limo itself is not enough. Take into consideration the business’ reputation and quality of service they offer. It is crucial to make sure that they will be able to provide prompt, reliable, proper service to guarantee that you will arrive on time as well as be as calm and stress-free as possible. It pays to know that their service ensures a safe and efficient ride on such a significant day. Always be sure to read all of the reviews of the former customers of that limousine company before deciding on which one to trust.

Draw up a contract to protect your investment.

Before agreeing to the services that the company offers, make sure you have the security that what you are paying for is legally guaranteed. You might request for a contract to ensure that the appropriate party is liable if something was to happen.

Weddings are one of the most meaningful days in one’s life so it should be worth all efforts and plans to make your day as momentous and extraordinary as possible.

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Spotlight: Bentley S1

Today, we place a much needed focus on a limo rental favorite: The Bentley S1. As the world was recovering from the effects of World War II, a new type of marketplace for the elite in society began to evolve. Being chauffeur-driven was fast becoming the meta of the elite. The sight spoke of class and luxury. Of affluence and power–many were clamoring for a piece of that. As such, a new type of Bentley was severely needed.

In 1946, Bentley introduced the Mark VI which was the first of the Bentley models to offer  standard factory steel body.  The Great Depression of the 1930s had depleted the number of independent coach-builders. This meant that the traditional method for clothing the chassis in the pre-WWII era was fast becoming obsolete.

In 1952, Bentley introduced the R-Type which featured a larger 4.5-liter engine and the first automatic transmission. The S-Series followed in the 1955 and differed from the R-Type in these ways:

  • three inches longer wheelbase
  • lower build without reducing headroom and with an enlarged luggage boot
  • softer suspension with electrically operated control of rear dampers
  • lighter steering and improved braking
  • engine capacity increased to 4887cc, the same size as used in the Bentley Continental
  • four-speed automatic gearbox was standard, with ability to select individual ratios if desired.

The 1956 Bentley S1 is considered to be the ultimate in style and luxury. Since its launch, it has become quite the favorite for weddings and special occasions. Unlike the R-Type, the S1 has a 4.9 L straight-6 engine. Although, these vehicles were the last to be powered by descendants of the engine originally used in the Rolls-Royce Twenty from 1922 to 1929. The bore was 3.750 inches, stroke was 4.50 inches, and the compression ratio was 6:6:1. Twin SU carburetors were fitted with upgraded models from 1957. At this time, a 4-speed automatic transmission was made standard.

Two wheelbases were produced which measured at 123 inches and shifted to 127 inches by 1957. The standard wheelbase car was tested in 1957 and clocked in a top speed of 103 MPH and could accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 13.1 seconds–a feat that was quite impressive for its time. The fuel consumption was at 16.1 miles per imperial gallon.

So it’s pretty easy to see why this became an instant classic and an enduring favorite for special occasions.

The premium leather upholstery and plenty of room to accommodate a bride’s dress no matter how extensive. It can also seat up to four passengers with ease so it’s a favored option for proms and weddings. The Bentley S1 has wide opening doors which fully enables stylish and instantly endearing photo snaps to remember the day by.

It is always a point of pride that there were only 3,538 cars of this model that was made between 1955 to 1959. So if you’re lucky enough to find a limo rental company which has a Bentley S1 in its fleet, be wise and lock that up in your contract.

Since it is such a rare car, limo rental companies will have set packages included in your rental. Some of which can include: a champagne bucket centerpiece, chilled wine, champagne flutes, LCD-DVD monitors on the headrests, and fold out tables behind the front seats.

If the rental company is smart, they would have kept the white exterior with the rich Palomino Leather interior. The classic high gloss wooden finish and the white wall tires all add to the sleek beauty of the Bentley S1.

So do yourself a favor and if you’ve got a special occasion coming up, book a Bentley S1 and enjoy a slice of old Hollywood glam.

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Wedding Bells? Four Tips For Effortless Wedding Transportation Booking

Saying that” wedding planning is a handful” is certainly an understatement. It can be fairly easy to be swept away in the general planning that there might be details that are overlooked. One of the more overlooked components of the wedding planning affair is the transportation. It seems that there’s always the assumption that “there will always be cars available”.

Sadly, many a couple find out too late that their dream wedding vehicle is no longer available as it has already been booked. It’s a good thing that today we will be discussing six tips to help our readers with matrimony in the near or distant horizon who plan on booking wedding transportation!

Establish Your Budget

The first thing you and your future spouse needs to talk about is the wedding budget. How much can you realistically allot to the wedding transportation? Who will be using it the rental? Are you looking for just the wedding vehicle or mass transportation for the guests as well?

These are the sort of questions that you need to answer first. The answers will help narrow down the type of limo rental you’re looking to book. It would also give you a clear idea of what sort of amount you might be looking at. If it isn’t in line with your budget, it’s time to go back to planning and moving priorities around.

Know Your Time Frame

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when it comes to your wedding is the wedding date. Knowing the date should give you an idea what sort of holiday you’ll be competing with. If you’re aiming for an early February wedding, you’ll have to compete with all the Valentines Day bookings. Or if you want a December wedding, Christmas parties might be everywhere.

Once you have the date, it’s then the moment to determine what time your wedding will be. If it’s a full day affair or a half-day affair, will determine how many hours you’ll need your wedding vehicle. Limo companies need to have a reasonable idea of what you’re expecting so they’ll be able to accommodate your needs.


One thing that people who are planning their wedding don’t consider is that other couples are planning their weddings as well. As such, wedding limos can book notoriously fast. The smart thing to do, particularly if your wedding is still a ways off, is to book a limo rental as soon as you possibly can.

If that isn’t doable, at least six months before the wedding itself. However, you should be warned that most good limo companies have their fleets booked a year in advance. Do not be afraid to do the legwork when it comes to research and making personal visits to the limo rental companies you’re looking at.

There’s always the high probability of huge discounts for on the spot bookings.

Get Everything In Writing

Once you’ve hammered out the details of the date, time, how many vehicles will be used, and what services are included, it’s time to get it in writing. Getting a written agreement with the rental company will include the total cost, deposits needed, refund and gratuity policies, arrival and departure locations, pick-up/drop-off times, the particular vehicle/s you’ve selected and expect, and the overtime rate per hour.

Do not forget to ask about the total pricing that should include the taxes. Think of the contract as a safety net for you and your wedding.

With that, you’d have successfully booked your chosen vehicle/s for your wedding. So now you have more time to allot for the other aspects of your wedding planning! Best of luck!

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Driverless Cars Are Not The Enemy

We got some messages asking our opinion about Driverless cars and how it could impact the limo rental service industry. It’s a pretty reasonable question, I think. It was last year, around September, that Uber decided to test their driverless car service. It was pretty revolutionary and understandably, it shook up a lot of limo and car service companies.

There were so many concerns heard: Would Uber finally and fully take over the car service industry? Would clients fully prefer driverless cars to chauffeur driven cars? Would limo rental companies suffer over this? These are pretty valid questions and shouldn’t be out-rightly dismissed.

Since the inception of Uber, there were hurrahs the world over since it certainly helped provide more choices for commuters other than taxis. At the time, that’s how Uber limited its service and it wasn’t until they they launched the ability to pre-book your Uber that car rental services started getting nervous.

Personally, I think we’re all looking at it the wrong way. Uber is basically an alternative taxi service. It ferries people from point A to point B and that’s it. Limos and car rental companies have their drivers stay with their clients for the duration of the agreed upon contract–from pick-up to a chosen event or activity, and finally, back to the original pick-up point or designated drop-off point. So when it comes to the possibility of Uber replacing limo or car rental companies on that aspect is pretty low unless Uber decides to offer an hourly rate to a long-term Uber usage.

With the advent of driverless cars, there is a possibility that clients may start asking for driverless limos or cars. That is true. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any limo or car service company needs to trade in their fleet for highly advanced cars. It the same with how a bakery doesn’t just remove all their bakers and stick to machines.

Machines can help with the workload but nothing can really replace the human element of the business. One of the services that most limo or car rental services provide (other than a chauffeur) is the opportunity to have driven tours. A well-trained and knowledgeable driver provides a unique experience about the area where the tour is chosen to take place.

An ultimately reliable driverless car system is still a bit away from perfection. This doesn’t mean that car and limo rental companies shouldn’t start making plans to include adding driverless vehicles to their fleets. The more astute company owners will take the opportunity to study up on the potential gains and losses as this new technology is on the brink of a breakthrough.

A good place to start is to start picking away at the reason why there’s such a huge appeal to driverless cars. Is it because it’s the new shiny thing? It is because people are tired of bad driver experiences? What can owners do to provide an edge to chauffeur driven limos or cars?

If history ever taught us anything, you can’t really fight new technological advances. You can either fold to it or harness it into a weapon that works best for you. So, again, driverless vehicles are not the enemy. This is a pretty crucial and exciting moment in the field of car rental services.

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Things To Inspect in Your Limo Rental

Despite all the ride-share applications permeating the market, nothing still beats a good old limo rental. However, with the significant amount of companies in any given area, how can a consumer really pick out the limo rental company that stands out?

You can do the research but nothing really beats seeing the vehicle in person. Today, in the interest of arming our readers with helpful knowledge on the things you need to spot in your limo rental, we’ll give a few markers on what to look out for:

1.) Appearance: Inspect the outside of the vehicle very carefully. Keep a sharp eye out for dings, scratches, and dents–especially around the middle area. After checking the middle, move along to the front and back bumpers. A few bumps are normal in this area just as long as they are minor in nature. However, once you spot an issue that’s quite serious in nature, it would be best to select a different vehicle altogether.

If you are okay with any existing minor scratches, note them down. Point them out to the client handler and make sure they make note of it as well so they cannot say that those happened during your rental time.

2.) Licensing: All service-ready vehicles on the lot should have a license number. Like personal vehicles, these numbers are on plates placed on the front and back bumper. Check its validity. Larger sedan-type limos require a livery plate.

3.) Mileage: Any limo rental should not exceed 200,00–particularly stretch limousines. Stretched vehicles are problematic by nature, so exceeding 200,000 miles should be a clear indicator that this particular vehicle has problems that they’re probably not telling you about.

4.) Air Conditioning: When you move further into inspecting the inside of the vehicle, ask for assistance and have them switch on the air conditioning to ensure it works properly at the back. If at any time in your usage you’d want privacy but the AC isn’t working, it can get quite stifling back there.

5.) Lighting: Don’t forget to flick on the interior lights in the bar area and fiber-optic lighting in the ceiling. Those two are part of the listed amenities that you’re paying for so it’s important that they’re in working condition.

6.) Cleanliness: While inspecting the interiors of a limo, cleanliness must be apparent. The scent should be clean, the carpet and upholstery must be vacuumed, and any glasses or mirrors need to be spotless. Yes, you need to be that nit-picky. Rented limos are notorious for getting pretty messy so a good company will keep all their vehicles clear and service-ready at all times.

If you keep these tips in mind you can spare yourself from any faulty or substandard limo rental experiences. Remember, while at first glance a limo may look fine, it may have issues that could have been pointed out before you used the vehicle. To avoid any inaccurate charges, keeping an eagle eye out for these few markers will save you time and money. This means that you’ll get to relax and truly enjoy your rental and the event you need it for!

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Spotlight: Traditional Limousines

One of the biggest things that should be considered when renting a limo is the type of vehicle that best fits your needs. With the sheer number of units available in different limo service companies, the options can seem limitless. To help our readers filter out noise and sort out of confusion, we’ll be doing a series of spotlight articles that focus on different types of limousines that’s available in the market today.

Today, let’s start with the Traditional Limousines.

What is meant by Traditional?

The limousine, in the past, has been a large car with a long wheelbase with a fixed division between the driver and its passengers. In focus, traditional limousines are usually luxury sedans, some with a longer wheel base but not too long as to qualify as a stretch limo. Usually, two or three forward facing jump seats are placed in the space of the rear compartment. These seats can be folded or stowed away, allowing for more space if only two passengers are alighted. This helps maintain an air of intimacy that’s perfect for a romantic night out with a loved one. It also serves as a good spot to steady yourself before appearing at a social gathering. Showing up in a limo will certainly make a splash!

If more passengers are present, these jump seats can be unfolded and up to five persons can be carried in the aft compartment in relative comfort. In total, up to seven people can be comfortably seated in a traditional limousine, as the seats beside the chauffer are also available for use. So for a small party, a traditional limousine can also be a good fit with some space to spare and not too heavy on the pocket.

Brands, Makes, and Models

There are several brands that have historically crafted vehicle models that have been/or are currently used as traditional limousines. Here are a few brands and models:

  • Cadillac XTS
  • Chrysler 300
  • Lincoln Town Car
  • Lincoln MKS
  • Holden Caprice
  • Hyundai Equus
  • IKCO Samand
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Mitsubishi Dignity
  • SsangYong Chairman

If you’re currently in the talks with your local limo service company, ask them if they currently hold any of these models and chances are they’ll say yes! If not, then that should give you something to think about if they’re the company that suits your needs.

Luxury Components

One of the more sought after experience of renting out a limousine is the sheer luxury it’s linked with. As traditional limousines are usually four-door sedans, they don’t have the extensive features that stretch limos or SUVs have. However, they do not completely lack these features.

What they lack in showy components, they make up for in ambiance and even upholstery. Traditional limousines often showcase genuine leather and polished wood dashboards.

However, don’t think that traditional limos will go without the other details that make the ride even more luxurious. Even traditional limousines will have built-in audio players, small screen to play DVDs, and a personal bar that’s often accompanied by a small fridge.

Smaller But worth It

Traditional limousines command attention when they roll up to an event or location. Some of the world’s governments even have certain makes and models of cars tied specifically for their use. So if you’re going out for a night in the town with the wife or needing transportation with a few friends, a traditional limousine will be the limousine type for you.

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The Right Limo Service

The Right Limo Service

Choosing the “right” limo service is a challenge that arises every time someone gets married, the guys want to arrange that reunion trip to the casino, the wife wants a special anniversary night, and so on.  In most cities (unless it’s a population of under 20,000), there are at least a few limo companies to choose from, so how do you pick between them?  Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect limousine for the occasion.

93% of internet searches start with Google, so give it a shot.  Hop on Google and search limo rentalyour area.  You’ll see what the big G considers to be the top limo companies in the area based on popularity – web traffic, content, social signals, etc.

Gloss over the homepage and get the general feel of the website.  Is it clean and organized or does it look like a bomb went off?  Just like you can learn a lot about someone by looking at their living space, the same can be said for a website and the company that owns it.

Next, take a brief look at the company’s history.  How long have they been in business?  Did the company take the time to right about their history?  Is there anything unique or did they just throw up the “mandatory”, boring about page.

Check reviews.  This is something that you can easily google.  Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor, Limos.com, and even Google itself allow users to post reviews about the business and how they did.  One caution when reading through reviews though – people tend to write reviews when something was really good or really bad.  When service is normal or just good/as you would expect, many people will not take the time to log online and write a review.  Just keep that in mind.

Call around on pricing.  Limo pricing has a huge range based on:

  • Dates requested – …of course Valentine’s Day is going to be expensive
  • Type of limo – “Yes sir, did you want to rent the Hummer or the SUV?”
  • Length of time – 6 hour minimums are common.  Be prepared.
  • Location/Distance – “Sorry sir, did you say you’re taking the limo from NY to California?  That’s going to be an expensive bill.”

Although it sounds subjective, talking to the booking person at the limo company can be a big tell regarding how the business treats its customers.  Does the booking employee answer the phone like its a friend calling or as a business? (“Hello?”) or (Hi, you’ve reached ABC Limo, how can I help you?”).

The last tip is to remember  why you’re booking the limousine.  If you’re looking for a special experience, make sure you find the company that can deliver it for you.  That might take a couple hours of phone calls and web browsing, but in the end, it’s worth it because you’ll have an unforgettable night.

Good luck.  Comment if you have some more tips for choosing the right limo provider.


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Renting the Right Limo

Renting the Right Limo

Whether it’s for your wedding, a night out on the town with the guys, or a game at Yankee stadium, a limousine is an absolute necessity for the occasion.  It adds that extra flare to any event to tip the scales from above average to awesome, but you need to rent a limo from the right company.  Here’s some advice from our party planning veterans:

Do Your homework

Although most limo company websites look the same and every company says they’re the best, you should know better than to believe that.  Do your own research.  After you Google search the best limo companies in your area, find a few that look good to you and begin to dig a little deeper.  Do they have a Facebook? An Instagram?  How about a Yelp?  If they have social media accounts, we know they’re making a reasonable effort to connect with people.  Now, look at their reviews.  How many do they have?  Are the reviews good?  Do the reviews have some detail or just a rating?  Typically, there’s one or two companies that dominate any specific location, and there’s usually a reason for that.  They’re either the only one around, or they’re great.  You may pay a premium, but you already know it would be worth it.

What Vehicles Are Available?

There are so many types of vehicles that can be turned into a limo, such as cars, sedans, SUV’s, trucks, Hummers, just to name a few.  What are you looking for?  If you’re planning a wedding, you need space, but nothing tacky, so anything but the Hummer will work great.  If you’re going clubbing with the guys, the Hummer is a great choice.  However, check out the company websites and make sure to call around to see what’s available because it’s surprisingly expensive to purchase stretch vehicles.  Most companies can only afford a small fleet unless they’ve been around for a while and they’re crushing it in the local area.

Check Prices

You may be wondering, “How much does it cost to rent a limo?”  Good question.  The pricing varies significantly based on (1) size, (2) vehicle type, (3) date requested, (4) duration of time needed, and (5) distance.  The average price of a limousine is $125 – $300 per hour, not including tip.  Most cities will have several companies to choose from, so look for the one that will work with you on the price a little because they’re not set in stone.  Remember, the limo company can’t book every vehicle they have every single day, so you have some power as the consumer.

You’ve most likely been to an event at some point in your life where you took a limo.  Was it memorable?  Why?  Use that experience to your advantage.  Avoid what didn’t work great, and search for the company that has the things that did go great.  Above all, have an awesome time at whatever event you’re headed to – it’s going to be fun regardless.

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